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Shipping and Pickup Information

TimelineOrders typically take 10-14 days to fill (plus shipping, if applicable). Orders placed on Sundays by midnight will be processed the fastest. Sorry, no rush orders. We do our best to fill each order as quickly as possible, but please plan accordingly.

Once an order is placed, additions cannot be made to the existing order. If additional items are needed, another order will need to be placed. All orders will be processed and shipped separately.

As SOON as your order is ready we will notify you via email.  If it has been under 10 days and you have not received an email, your order is not ready.  If it has been between 10-14 days and you have not received an email please check to make sure you provided the correct email address and than check your junk folder. 

Shipping We Ship everywere Shipping can be very affordable per kit, especially for large orders.  The more items purchase in an order the more affordable shipping becomes per kit. Orders within the continental US are shipped via UPS Ground Service. All other orders are shipped via USPS. Please plan on 2-7 additional days for shipping for UPS, and 7-14 days for USPS.

The best and most accurate way to estimate shipping is to place estimated amounts of each kit that you plan to purchase in your shopping cart, and than select your state.  Play around with the estimates until you get a comfortable idea for how much shipping is going to cost per kit.

Pickup   It is no longer necessary to schedule a pick up time.  Once you have received your confirmation email that your order is ready you are welcome to come to the store during regular store hours to pick up your order.  If you have not received this email your order is not ready for pick up.  You are welcome to stop by and visit us, but you will not be able to pick up your order until you have received your confirmation email.  Again we do our best to fill orders as quickly as possible, but we can not rush orders or place an order ahead of others so please plan accordingly.   

The store is located at: 477 W. 9160 S. Sandy

Store Hours: Monday-Sat: 12:00pm - 5:30 pm

Saturday 12:00pm - 4:00 pm

Sunday: CLOSED

If you have any questions about our ordering timeline, shipping, or pickup, please let us know!