Super Saturdary

**CHANGES IN BULK PRICING: We have recently made changes to our bulk pricing.  BEFORE in order to receive 10% off you had to purchase 5 or more of the EXACT item.  Now to receive 10% off all you have to do is make a purchase of $150.00 or more.  Enter the code SAVEME10 and 10% will automatically be deducted off your entire order, regardless of what your buying or the quantities of each item allowing for greater flexibility! If you offered the discounted price to your ward for a craft event and your order does not reach the $150.00 min. we will of course still honor the old system.  Simply email us at for a new code.**

We love Super Saturdays! Our classes are available for Super Saturday and enrichment events, and almost always result in a great turnout. If you are considering doing this craft for a super Saturday event, here are some important things to keep in mind:

  • Among the hustle and bustle of classes, lunch, and other craft projects, participants will need to set aside 2-3 hours to complete this project. They need to be on time, and there for the entire time to finish while the teacher (and her tools) are scheduled to be there. Teachers often have other engagements to get to, and are there for the set class time only.

  • Displays and ready-made signup sheets are available to make your life easier! Ask your teacher for more details. Payment is due by the deadline set by the teacher (usually 2 weeks in advance), in one total check.

  • Please be courteous of the teacher and her time – things will go much smoother if the teacher has the support and help of the people in charge. Explain to participants the need to be present for the entire class, have tables and table coverings set up prior to the class, and turn in payment and displays on time.

  • Set a deadline and stick to it! Once a teacher receives your order/payment, the order is turned in and picked up. If you allow anyone to add-on after the deadline, there is a good chance they will not be able to join in the class. Save them that disappointment by making it clear late orders cannot be placed.

  • If your ward/stake will not allow you to offer a class as a ward event, consider the option of hosting it on your own as a neighborhood/community event. We have seen great results with this, as it still gives the option of making these unique projects without causing any issues.

  • Portrait kits can be purchased without a class, but they are the same price WITH or WITHOUT a class. The benefit of having a teacher come is that she brings all of the tools and extra supplies needed. Basically, as long as you order at least ten portraits, the teacher and her tools are free. If you choose to complete the portrait kits on your own, you would need to supply your own paint and tools.

  • Hostess benefits DO NOT apply to church sponsored events.