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Subway Art Plaques and Frames

We are excited to introduce the newest collection of projects to be taught at our classes. The Antiqued Subwayart Plaques Frames and Signs are made using a unique process developed by Poppy Seed Projects specifically for these projects. The creative process involved makes it easy to make multiple items at a class and allow you to individualize the look of each project to fit your taste and style. You get to pick the saying (or design) and the paint colors! The end result is a project that has the look of a professional aged and antiqued piece of art! 

Similar projects sell on popular craft/home decor websites and stores for around $50.00-60.00!! You can make any of our plaques for only $19.95 and any frame for $21.95! This price includes the cost of a skilled teacher who will bring all of the supplies with her to the class, making your craft event simple and easy. To book a class email For more information on hosting a class click here.  Please note there is a class min. of 20-24 plaques/frames per class.  

  •  ANTIQUED/TEXTURIZED METHOD- The Antiqued/Texturizing method is a unique crafting technique developed by crafters at Poppy Seed Projects.  Using our Texturizing Cream a unique layer is added directly to the wood and allowed to dry. Then several layers of paint and a layer of vinyl are added to the project.  In the final steps of the project the vinyl is removed creating a stenciled look.  Detailed step-by-step instructions on exactly how to create this look will be included with the purchase of your Subway Art Plaque kit.  Because the vinyl is removed during the crafting process the color of the vinyl does not matter HOWEVER, the vinyl for this method may have some differences from the vinyl used in the traditional method.  Please make sure you select the STENCIL VINYL to ensure that you plaque turns correctly. **Please note that stencil vinyl is a one time, nonuseable vinyl, not an actual stencil.**
    For tutorials including videos and picture please visit our blog!