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Super Saturday Tips

Make your Saturday Super

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Super Saturday activities are a lot of fun and A LOT of work. This article is for all of the enrichment leaders out there who are losing sleep just thinking about it! Here are some guidelines for making your activity as stress-free and fun as possible.

 **IMPORTANT** Please note that we require your Super Saturday order no less than 2 weeks before the event and that does not include shipping time.

PLAN AHEAD - You don't want to be the lady running around town hitting every craft store within a 50 mile radius desperately looking for button magnets and foam brushes the night before your Super Saturday activity. Trust me, I have been that lady! Here is a general timeline to follow:

2 MONTHS -Decide what projects you will offer 2 months ahead of time.

6 WEEKS - Display your projects and offer sign ups starting at 6 weeks before your activity - display for 3 weeks to allow everyone a chance to sign up.

3 WEEKS - Set deadline for sign ups/money for 2-3 weeks prior to your activity. Order all supplies ahead of time - wood shops and craft stores get backed up with orders and cleaned out of supplies from Sept. - Dec.

1 WEEK - Collect and organize all of the supplies at least 1 week before your activity, to allow for any complications/missing items/kids with chickenpox.

NIGHT BEFORE - Set up tables and bring in the supplies.

DAY OF - Enjoy, because you are so well organized!!!

ADVERTISE - Get the word out there early and often! Let sisters know the date as soon as possible so that they can mark it down on their calendars. Handouts with the Relief Society roll, posters, and announcements on the weekly sacrament meeting program all go a long way. If possible, do a display table at both ends of the building, to make sure it isn't missed by anyone!

VARIETY, VARIETY, VARIETY!!! - Choose a wide variety of activities. Offering crafts, fun classes, and service projects usually provides something for everyone! When choosing projects with a price tag, keep in mind what the average person in your ward's budget will likely be. Choosing the cutest craft in the world does no good if no one can afford to make it! Offer some lower priced items like magnets or quiet books to make sure everyone feels included. Mix it up with the classes - don't just offer cooking, try something that hasn't been done like men's haircuts, decorating tips, etc. The more variety, the better the turn out!

BE ORGANIZED - Chaos isn't fun for you or the people attending the activity. Organization is key! Once you have the supplies, it is helpful to label each piece with a person's name. For example, label the wood, vinyl, metal etc. While this is more work in advance, this helps people keep track of each piece of their project and greatly reduces "mistaken craft identity" ("Oh, I'm sorry Sister - that was YOUR finished FHE board that I just stuck vinyl last name on? I forgot that I painted mine a totally different color").

The day of the activity, provide each person with a list of what they signed up for as they walk in the door. Most people won't remember what/how many they signed up for 3 weeks ago. This cuts down on people mistakenly taking supplies that aren't theirs. Also provide a list next to each table of supplies so they can cross off their names as they pick up their supplies.

Put all of the displays in a separate area (i.e. the stage in the gym, a separate long table, etc.) where everyone can view them and no one can touch them. Seriously, place signs on the table asking that they are not removed. Otherwise you will have projects all over the place and ruined displays when the day is over.

Depending on the size of your group, it might be a good idea to assign each person in your committee a certain craft or class to oversee, so that people know who to go to if they need help.


*Plastic coverings for all of the tables.

*A separate sanding area - so that saw dust doesn't end up on anyone's wet projects

*Sand paper - cut it into 3 x 3" squares - that is all that is needed for the average project, and it goes a lot further this way.

*Styrofoam bowls for paint - put one or two in the center of a table. Stick 2 or 3 brushes in each one - having people share will save on paint and brushes.

*Painters rags - cut into small squares - use for wiping away saw dust, paint spills, and anything else you can think of! These always seem to come in handy.

*Drying table - set up a separate table/area for projects that are finished and drying. Make sure people label their project so that no one ends up with a project that isn't theirs (it happens all the time!) - we recommend writing their names on masking tape/post its and sticking it in front of their project.

Amid the stress, try to remember that all your hard work is worth it - Super Saturdays and craft events are a great chance for sisters in your ward to connect, participate, and get to know one another. Good luck - we hope your event is a successful one!